3:58-4:50, especially the part 4:30-4:50, brutal 20 seconds, please, could someone make a tab for this, im sure many people would like to have this solo in their repertory.

Here is a link to download from sendspace, 320kbps: Jorn - Hellfire

thanks a lot in advance guys, i hope someone will take their time and tab it!
That is pretty good. In fact, wow. I can't tab solos though, so I'm knackered there.
Jorn is a great hard rock band. In fact, Jorn Lande vocals are very similar to David Coverdale (Whitesnake).

thats the band:
Jorn Lande - vocals
Tore Moren - guitar
Jorn Viggo Lofstad - guitar
Sid Ringby - bass
Willy Benduksen - drums

by the way, i have full discography, so if anybody likes, i can share, just message me =)

really hope someone will do the tab, wish i could do myself