I've got a Line6 Toneport UX2 and when im finished recording a song i "render the song to disk" ( is there another way? ) but when i e.g am trying to upload the song here on UG it says that the file is in a wrong format!?

I don't know how to fix this, so if you have any clue on this, please tell me!

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You could convert it, what's the file type? Also, it could be to high in Hertz, some recordings do that, the maximum usually supported is 44100. You would have to sort that out with a converter to.
Are you using Ableton Live's render to disc option? If so it can only save files as .wav files which I imagine won't upload to UG. Get a converting program to swap it from .wav to .mp3 file.
yes, i'm using ableton live and the render to disk option (.waw files), should've mentioned that from the start :P
so what i should do is to get a converting program? could that program fix the Hertz thing too?
thanks Guys!
Try using aucacity. Open the rendered .wav file from whereever you saved it. Then go file> save as and save it as an mp3. You lose a bit of sound quality but its what ive been doing with my recordings
Thanks again! I'll download that aucacity program right away!
yeah, i noticed that when there's a lot of programs named audacity, and pretty much no program named aucacity