Hey all!

I should be getting my guitar back tomorow with a Killswitch installed, and was wondering, what kind of killswitch solos can I learn? Tom Morello mostly uses ONLY his Kill Switch doesn't he? No wah pedal or whammy when he's toggling? I know he uses something to give him a volume boost, but I was thiking on playing my guitar on half volume with amp on loud then turning guitar up for Kill Switch solos.

Anyone got anything to say about this?
lol i thought you meant KSE solos......

and tom also uses the normal toggle switch on a LP and he just turns the volume all they way down on one setting
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To the above... I'm having a Kill Switch fitted on my Yamaha Pacifica, which would just kill the volume as opposed to the 0 - 10 toggle. But he has a whammy one octave up? DAMN! I could still mess about with the scratchy solos even without the whammy though, couldn't I?

I also play alot of Muse, so is it a good idea to get a whammy at a later date?
tom uses different effects when he toggles... Wah is one.... so yes he uses a wah
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Wah and Whammy are definately pedals I would love to have. Whammy's the one that puts it up (and down) octaves right?

What does Wah actually do? I know WHAT it does... But how does it get that effect?

Does anybody have a killswitch and can do Tom Morello type solos without these effects?