I think you should listen to Instinct and Krasivishi, my two instrumentals, here's the info...

-Okay the band name is Der Музыкант it's a one man band I do mostly instrumentals and that's what is on my myspace
-Music profile is myspace.com/dermy3blkaht Krasivishi is my favorite self written song
-I've also got two songs on my UG profile and a cover with my cousin and my band the Death Marchers (long story for a crap name)
-That profile is myspace.com/deathmarchers
-That has our cover and a mildly humorous improv, I'm "Dave" and the guitarist in that one
So lemme know what you think and I'll return the favor
My Music:
Solo project: myspace.com/dermy3blkaht
Full band (iRockit): myspace.com/nj136