First if i buy all the parts and everything is drilled and cut, what do you think that a typical guitar tech will charge just to assemble it for me ( kind of like the carvin kits). I will probably get them from warmoth unless osmone can reccomend a kit.

Also I thought about buying a guitar and putting a paint job on it. Any idea what a repair shop may charge to take the floyd off it and pickup then put them back on

well... i'm not sure, but i know it's free if you do it yourself. and also much more fulfilling.
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im missing the point of buying a diy kit, and then having someone else assemble it
its like having buying lego and having some guy make a millennium falcon out of it all
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so i could have a custom built guitar. I figure its cheaper to buy parts that to have one build. I may be wrong that is why i was asking. If i was remotley mechanically inclined i would put one together myself. It would be nice to learn.
Seriously assembling a guitar is not challenging, especially in comparison to actually building one.

If you have all the parts its just a case of screwing things in the right place.

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