I have a Wilkinson VS50II trem. When i do large bends, my bridge starts to move like when i do some whammy dive. It starts somewhere between a whole and 1,5 step bend.
Is that normal?
Should i insert my remaining spring into the bridge?
A device called trem-setter will prevent this from happening and make bending easier, but you won't be able to to chord flutters with the whammy bar.
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On guitars equipped with trems, yes, I'd say that's normal. The bridge is always going to counteract your bend, if you've got a trem.

Adjust to it, bend harder.

Ok thats fine, i thought that my bridge have some problem.
I got a tremsetter in my guitar im playing now, the bridge dosn't move when you bend. it is harder to bend though. more stable tuning also. for pros and cons.
Thats a huge reason why I prefer fixed bridges. But between my floating bridge guitars, my floyd does it the most, my Kahler much less, and my fender trem the least.
Yeah you could just have a makeshift block to put in there for songs with a lot of bending and stuff. The only other thing that i could think of as maybe working (aside from the aforementioned tremsetter) is adding more springs but i dont think you would want to.
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Yeah, blocking the trem will prevent the bridge from moving, obviously, it will also prevent you from using the trem.

That's why i said to just make a makeshift one to throw in when playing a song with a lot of bending like GNR and Zep or something. I don't mean block it indefinitely.
Honestly if i did block a trem i'd just get some plywood or scrap wood of some kind then like tape it or something to protect the finish and jam it in there.
I used to block a trem with a piece of wood in my crappy Squier, but i don't want to block my Cort's trem. So i just have to getting use to it.

Anyway, if i would put an additional spring in, would it mess with the guitars setup?