i am planning to buy a beginners processor..... i am gonna choose between the Zoom G2, Korg AX5 and the Digitech RP90..... which one should i choose.... i am more of a metal guitar player....
Is there any other processor u guys wud advice at the same range..
^I think he meant 'what amp to you play thru'?

good question tho. It is possible he only wants to play thru a laptop or a preamp box. If you go Digitech at least get a 150 or higher. Used maybe. Otherwise, from what I hear you can't go wrong with the Zoom and Korg stuff either. good luck.

PS. seperate pedals thru the right amp will sound better imo.
oh...hmmm.... i have a basic marshall md10cd and i use an ibanez gsv120.... i am quite a beginner to processors etc so i hope u guys can tell me which would be better as a processor.... and btw my budget is fixed... i cant go beyond the ones i already mentioned....