Hey , im an intermediate player, playing for about 2 years. I noticed recently that alot of my guitar heros do not anchor there picking hands while playing (I do anchor my picking hand) and that made my wondering should i still be anchoring? Is anchoring your hand more of an amateur thing to do than letting it float, is floating for experts? If so can anyone give som advice on how to start floating or if i should even have to start floating. Thanks
I wouldn't worry about it. There are shredders out there who don't "float" but actually "anchor" their fingers to the pickguard. Play whichever way is most comfortable.
Alright thanks dude il listen to you and continue doing what i do best, anchored.
Most of my fav shredders anchor. Alexi Laiho, John Petrucci spring to mind off hand. For me anchoring makes sweeping so much easier.

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I don't think anybody truly floats their hand. . . my hand is either fixed to the bridge piece when I'm playing. . . or if I start sweeping on something I put my pinky and ring finger on the bottom of my pickup's or on the body of my guitar. . . . You aren't supposed to completly take your hand away from the guitar. . . you are supposed to keep them together in one way or another. . . . taking your hand completly off will sacrifice a lot of control you have.
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