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Quote by Punk_Ninja
Different headstock and I'd tap that

i agree, the body shape isn't that bad, but that headstock is hideous
This was out months ago dumbass
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I thinks its ugliest part is the headstock the body is kinda allright.
Quote by Punk_Ninja
Different headstock and I'd tap that

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I think the dean razorback's are ugly and alot of the metal styled guitar's that have lot's of points and jagged edge's just for the sake of it.
Quote by Lil Macker
That headstock ruins it, it looks like a really badly grown tumor. They just need to change it to something else and it would be alright.

And that Danelectro isn't bad compared to this:


Hey, don't go bagging on the longhorn.
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Quote by Punk_Ninja
Danelectros look fine dammit!

Yeah, just not those Longhorns. That would be the most uncomfortable gutiar to play since playing the Wangcaster in a lesbian club.
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Just switch place on the strings and you got yourself a lefty.

ohhh .... so there is a lefthanded explorer... hallelujah !
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I think the flying Z looks like a BC Rich Ironbird with Downs
Now the Dean Cadillac, that's ****ing ugly
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If it didn't have that god awful headstock, it'd look much better.
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The Reverse V is X000 dollar tird.

The Reverse Explorer however, is A-Fcuken-mazing. Minus the Headstock. That, is ugly as hell. The Reverse Firebirds are col too.