Anyone here dig their stuff? I've gotten a bunch of free tracks they offer on their myspace, and I am eagerly awaiting the full length's release (One more week!). AP.net has been hyping them like crazy, but with good reason.
The band has great pop sensibilities, great musicianship, excellent composition skills, great vocals....Just getting A's all across the board, in my book.

Plus, they're my fix until GAD gets back together.

Here's their myspace, they've got free tracks for download.

I really dig "Lose Control". Dynamic song structure, great vocal melodies, fist pumping riffs.
not bad, not bad

its really not the type of music im into anymore (or REALLY into anymore, as i doubt i can deny that i like stuff like this ) - but its really good actually

and they mentioned a dylan song....in one of their songs, that alone makes them great


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