Well, My RG350EX is pissing me off, so im selling it and im gonna buy an epiphone les paul standard plus top, but you cant find it in this crappy country ( united arab emirates) so , is there any store in sydney that sells it? I would really really apperciate it if someone helps . thanks!

P.S: i wasnt sure if this is the right forum to post this thread in
Ahh, yeah, i noticed, guitars are way too expensive there. This sucks Thanks anyways, ill try to order it online, hopefully my parents accept.. all you can find in this crappy country is ibanez and yamaha, and 1 store sells like a couple of ESP's but they're way too overpriced. like 1500$ each
You seriously can't find any in store?
I played one yesterday at Billy Hyde Parramatta, they had a few.
I've seem them everywhere though, Allans Music I think it is, in the city they have a good range of Epi's sure they'll have a few plus-tops
well i checked.. and they're about 1299 AUD!! =[ Thats too much. I'd rather buy it online from thomann.de