I'm looking to start a band. I don't really care what kind for the most part, but I don't play screamo/thrash metal/most stuff involving double bass pedals. Not to say I don't like the heavy tunes, there just seems to be a big hardcore scene. My influences include:
Hendrix, the Beatles, QOTSA, Muse, Mars Volta, SRV, Foo Fighters, Radiohead...on the softer/acoustic side, Coldplay, Don Ross, Incubus, Sigur Ros...

I also enjoy playing jazz, avant garde stuff...I'm open to anything.

Message me if you're interested in jamming.
EXACTLY what I want to do. I play guitar, bass, and some keys. Lately I've been listening to a lot of the same stuff, radiohead, foos, beatles, coldplay, oceansize, hendrix. Hamilton, MA?
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If by MA you're referring to...-...no I live in Canada haha it's Hamilton, Ontario. Although this oceansize thing is new to me, I'll have to give them a listen.