is there a game controller for pc games, one similar to the XBOX one with the two triggers and bumpers? buying a new pc and need a controller to play games, buying the xps 42O
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You can use an Xbox 360 controller with PC's.

Only the wired ones, I believe.
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Only the wired ones, I believe.

you can buy a wireless reciever. but really, you aren't going to be playing more than 3 feet away from your computer.
Microsoft sells wired and wireless xbox 360 controllers for PC. I'd go with X360. I plan to buy one myself.
Could get ps3 controller. They're wired AND/or wireless. You could get a blue tooth usb dongle thingy and use it wireless.

Seeinga s dualshock 3 came out I guess the original sixaxis ps3 controllers are a bit cheaper.