I'd like to be able to go smoothly from one level of distortion to another without the use of multiple pedals. Is there any company that makes expression pedals with distortion circuitry, or would I have to build such a device myself?
a volume pedal into a cranked tube amp/pedal....?
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Volume knob on guitar?
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I use my GT-8 to do this, it's a multi effects that allows you to assign any variable (like distortion level, gain, ..) to any switch on the pedalboard, even the expression pedal. You can go smoothly from clean to heavy metal like that
Otherwise, check out the new Ibanez Jemini distortion pedals.. It's not exactly what you're asking for, but it's a pretty versatile pedal, because it's actually two pedals in one..

The multiFX with expression usually will do it. Or the link posted above. But the volume control on the guitar works pretty well and its free.
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Volume knob on guitar?

+ picking dynamics
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I just looked up the Gt-8 and I like that, since I've also been looking for a multi effects pedal, and this has a bunch of other effects I like the looks of. Thanks!

I use picking dynamics and my volume pot to great effect, but I just want a different feel for a couple of songs I've been writing, such as a slow, smooth build up of distortion as I'm playing a part.

EDIT: I just looked at the "Third Hand" pedal...and that's exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for the link...that would let me keep my beloved Mini Metal Muff...reviews on harmony-central don't look so good in the reliability department, though.

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