Im doing a project for school. We're designing a pro recording studio with a big fat budget and I need to pick out reverbs, compressors, and other rack effects.

Right now I'm looking up reverbs and the Lexicon 960L looks pretty badass.

Who here works with pro gear and can tell me whats good and what sucks as far as dynamic and time-based processors go?

I need two dedicated reverbs, two multi-effects units, two dedicated delays, two dedicated compressors(at least 4 channels total), and 8 channels of gating. I also need to pick two awesome vintage compressors.

So please use this thread to discuss pro-rack gear and if there's anything awesome from this year's NAMM I should check out include that too!

to start, how is Eventide's 7000 series?

How is the Yamaha REV 5 & REV 7 digital Reverberator?
Gear is only as good as you make it, with the exception of behringer and modern boss pedals.
the gear thread will give you more educated answers and fewer "omg do u liek teh mudkipz pedal?"
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i thought about it but all i saw was a guitar gear thread...not one for recording gear so I came here