i play blues a lot but i want my amp to be loud enough to jam/play with a drummer.

after a lot of research these look like my 2 best options

i wld rather have the blue junior, but maybe its not loud enough?

shld i go for the classic 30?

what do u guys think?

thanks a lot
both will be loud enough, but blues junior will be at the edge of breakup. if you play dirty blues a lot, that might be even a pro... but classic is also amazing amp and gets a bit louder, not to mention it has a superior overdrive channel, IMO. but both would be good, i guess.
play them both...I just ordered a blues junior cause its got great great tone...I thought the peavey was too bassy sounding. And it is loud enough, its very loud.
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The Blues Jr is mpst definetly loud enough! If you'd rather have that amp, get it. Great little blues amp. I would put a new speaker in later on though. But really both of these amps are great so.
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I opted away from a Peavey Delta Blues (basically a Classic 30 with tremolo) for a Blues Jr. Mostly for the lower wattage, smaller/lighter/easier portable, and I liked the cleans better. I have an OD for gain, so if you need good gain, that is a must. The BJr is a one channel amp and doesn't really do drive well on it's own.
Ive just purchased a BJr. I played a whole load of amps in PMT but that clean sound from it seemed far.. idk.. thicker. Plus the reverb is great!
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Well if all you play is blues, then the Blues jr. is the way to go. I kinda want one now because of its cleans. and yes, the Blues jr will definitely be loud enough
well i play other stuff than blues, but i wld like to use pedals for everything else,

basically, i want to buy a seymour duncan twin tube mayhem to give the amp a ton of gain and put it in the metal terretory...but that wld only be once in a while
The Classic 30 is louder, dirtier, heavier, more expensive, and has more features. But both are great amps and the Blues Jr. is loud enough to keep up with a drummer.