alright, i just got a markbass little mark II head and an acoustic B410 cabinet, turned it on and every note i play, theres this irritating hum that almost sounds like mild distortion, only in the background. ive tested all the cables, played with multiple basses on it, and played with the settings and no luck. any clue whats going on?
if it has a HF Horn try turning it off if you casn
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oh i was gonna say turn the bass down on the amp or guitar but you said you tried that...it might just be a faulty amp
Before we curse the amp, lets rule out a few other items.

How old is the wiring in your house or where you are playing. Older wiring is notorious for not being grounded properly.

Are you playing near a TV, flourescent lights or a laptop/ PC? These can also cause humming as well.

If none of these apply check your setup between the head and the cabinet for loose wires etc. If that does not apply, then you have a problem with your amp setup itself.