This is a song I wrote over 2 days that I'm very proud of. It's really all over the place when it comes to composition but I hope you can hear and appreciate the transitions. I think overall it's not too awkward.

It's a mix of a lot of different genres. I wrote a lot of lead bass and really focused on the drums as driving forces for the song.

C4C, I'm always willing to listen to yours!
Not my taste really but its very original i can say for sure, pretty good man
section H was amazing the rest was ok just not really my type of thing. too happy for too much of the song although the outro was good.
Thanks man =)

I didn't think it was a really happy song but that's fine. I'm glad you gave it a try anyway and listened. I don't really know what genre this song even falls into, I was guessing!
everything after section E sounds really good. the intro sounds very fall of troy-ish. i would say its a good effort but it may be a little 'too progressive'? i dont know but most of the riffs, especially in the front, just dont work with each other very well. the ending is really awesome and i would definitely listen to it alot if it was a well-recorded song.
Although i generally don't like hardcore, this song was allright, I liked the bass in the intro a lot. I didn't like the "what the part" that much, I think it should have something other than just diminshed chords, but it was okay still. The interlude came kind of suddenly, but it was a nice change. The clean guitar in the interlude was nice. The solo was also very nice.
Overall a very good song.
You've critted mine so i crit yours

I didnt really like the beginning, til part E i think... dont know really why, not my kind of music and, espacially in the beginning much to much bass (IMO^^)...

But from part E on, it was really amazing, all the riffs fit togehter and the slower parts fit perfectly to the distortion... get some poppy sound I think, but nothing wrong about that.

i'd give a 9/10 from part E
Pretty nice composition i say. Really liked the bass intro. Section D is not right =/ but after it, it gets pretty nice - the "odd solo" as you said is reall great, i could imagine some harmonizing in it. 7/10. Crit my song in my signature if you have time. ty