Hopefully this will be the last thread i make.


I live in sacramento.
budget is

700 is my absolute max.

I want an amp that will give me real nice cleans but also have the ability to play metal.
I don't want the gain to sound digital.
I would like a nice metal tone.

The cleans are just as important as the gain to me.

I want to get an
avenged sevenfold or trivium sound and sound good.
but also want to play blues and softer music.

I will buy used.

Help me out please?

oh yes.
it will be used for bedroom practice only.
Mesa F-30 combo, Traynor YCV50 BLUE (plus an OD) Peavey XXX combo...

All of those should get you to metal and have pretty good cleans.

EDIT: Wait, bedroom practice? Oh lawd... I'm not actually sure, then.
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The 5150 is a great amp. But not for bedroom use really. The Mesa would be better IMO for bedroom use. Call the guy and go try it to see if it will do what you want.
i forgot to mention i will be playing band practices and such as well.

but it will mostly be bedroom practice.
i think i put only in the first post.
its mostly going to be bedroom practice.
does that change things at all or help out?
22 watts is fine for a band situation. You did say bedroom only in your original post, but this would do both. With the 5150 you may want an attenuator for bedroom practice, i'm talking quiet, levels. Obviously you could use the 5150 on it's own for practice but you will have it at 1 or less. That is assuming that your "bedroom practice" level is the same as mine - TV volume level is what I mean by bedroom levels.
yeah i messed up writing that in my first post.
I have checked out the studio 22.

I don't really like the control scheme on it.

any other suggestions.