Im looking to buy a new guitar, i have about $850 to spend.

Im in a hardcore/punk band that plays a lot of metal stuff.

In my free time i play a lot of between the buried and me, killswitch, as i lay dying (that kinda stuff) for practice and fun.

Yeah, so im in a hardcore/punk/"metalcore" type band and play a lot of new age metal/hardcore stuff.

What kind of guitar do you recommend thats under about $850?
want a floyd rose on it or anything?

certain body shape?

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i would recommend looking into Ibanez and ESP/LTD
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i dont need a floyd rose at all, but its not a bad thing to have one. And im actually interested in something other than a super strat body shape
If you don't need a floyd rose and want a non-strat shape, I would have to recommend ESP/LTD and Dean (again, only if you're into them) maybe some schecter but i think they're mostly super strat shape. Maybe even some kinda epiphone.
err if u dont need a floyd u should look for a guitar with out one because it will end up bieng a pain.
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