Im looking for a song to get me back playing a bit. I wanna try something like blues or slow but that still sounds "cool". Haha sorry that sounds really vage, but any suggestions?

I know a pretty cool, slow song. It's not really bluesy, but i just roll back the vol on my guitar and play this and it soulds bluesy, but at the same time great.

It's AFI's song: 6 to 8

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by John mayer. Not really that hard, and sounds very bluesy.
totally inb4 I Cum Blood
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catfish blues...jimi hendrix.
Bring it on home, Led Zep.
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Well, The Lion Sleeps Tonight is still a bit popular... I mean, cmon...

awimbawe awimbawe awimbawe awimbawe...

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