I need more space on for my music, and ipods are really expensive. Whats a good MP3 player with atleast 12 gigs of space, but my music grows everyday, so probably more. I realize I shouldnt buy one with a ton of space, cause they're upgraded all the time, so soon it will be old and stuff. 4 yrs ago I bought the brand new nano, now its pretty ancient. So, what's a good alternative?
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Zune indefinitley
I don't think there are any MP3 players out there that can "grow"...

That would be hella cool though. Save so much money.

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try a zune not sure they are that cheap and what you get with ipods is much more worse the price then anytihng else imho
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Zune 30gb. Awesome players, nice screens, much easier to navigate than iPods, and are about the same price. And you also get a built-in FM radio. I personally love my 8gb one, its really nice.
they have 120 gig models and 16 gig models, they have games, good screen, zune store on the zune, wifi, and the with the zune store, its $15 a month and you get unlimited music
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I don't think there are any MP3 players out there that can "grow"...

That would be hella cool though. Save so much money.

Ha, That would be cool. Maybe it would make seeds and you could plant them too.
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plus the zune program is better than itunes to, well in my opinion anyway.....and a lot of other opinions to
Maybe a sony or sandisk. I personally don't see the big deal with zunes or why people hate ipods (so far i have not had a good reason for it).

I have a 160 gig classic and i love it.
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The Sony Walkmans are really good.
We bought my dad one, and it kicks the shit out of my ipod, any day.
Not sure how high GB goes.
where are the games in zune marketplace? i can find them!

and zunes kick iAss
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