I dont really know why i called this one civil war, cause as usual i cant write lyrics for crap so basically just sang sentences that KINDA worked with the meter. Also, I am completely aware that my singing is horrible on this song, so ya. PLEASE COMMENT I NEED TO KNOW WHETHER THIS IS GOOD. I think its my worst one so far. Also, guitar work definitely is not stellar whatsoever.

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its pretty good sounding. only thing is i think you should mess with your levels, the singing wasnt bad it was just too quiet. check out my songs if you get a chance? there in my profile
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Have you heard the Guns N' Roses song Civil War? The Instrumental one?
"Strangers passing in the street, by chance two separate glances meet, and I am you and what I see is me."
the beginning sounds like NW5 by Madness
i think thats the name of the song
youtubez that
thanks to QuantumMechanix for the comment, no i have not heard the guns n' roses song, ill check it out... and ill also check out that madness song... thanks 4 the comments so far
ya, listening to it i do see a bit of similarity at the beginning of both... but not enough to be like plagiarism
ya, the main reason that i dont sing loudly because i would be singing total nonsense... i SUCK at writing lyrics which is something that i really need to work on
i said nothing about plagarism
just originality

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