Many people have been saying that Biffy's new album Puzzle is not rubbish, but just not as good as their old stuff. "It's a commercially aimed album and it's not for the real fans" many people have been saying.

I personally think that their new album is amazing and as good as, if not better, their old stuff. The fact that the album was voted best album of '07 by Kerrang! and many other music critics just proves that it's a great album.

To those who say that it's too commercial: So f**k. Biffy wanted to make it big time as all bands do. If you were in their position you would do the same. The obviously wanted to make more money and do have more opportunities and they done it so for that I take my hat off to them.

What I want to know (which is what this thread is all about) is do YOU prefer their 'old stuff' or their 'new stuff'.

Blackened Sky
Infinity Land
Vertigo of Bliss?

Or Puzzle?

Simple as.
I like both 'eras' of Biffy evenly, I think.

I tend to listen to Puzzle more, it's a more solid album, but I still like to listen to the old albums.
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