hi, i want to start playing acoustic guitar so im snooping around internet trying to figure out which one to buy. My original budget was around 200-250 ish but i heard a lot of good things about Seagull S6. So should i save up for it or just go with my budget? i want to buy one this weekend but if i should save up then its ganna take few weeks long... i also read the "guitars under 300$" but cant decide which one to pick from there. My original plan was to buy one at guitar center this weekend with a friend who plays guitar. So my friend and people over there can maybe help me choose too. Although im a beginner i dont want just a starter guitar...
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Never settle for some cheap ass guitar.
I say save up a bit unless you really can get a guitar of quality for that low of a price. Go with your buddy, play around, and choose the ones that sound good. But make sure to ask him whether or not they play well too. It sucks to play a guitar that sounds decent, but when you go up the neck, the strings are so far from the fretboard you can't get a good tone out of them. This is art, this is an instrument. regardless of experience, get something that'll satisfy you.
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A good guitar with a decent action is easier to learn on. They sound better too. You would quickly get tired of a cheap guitar and lose most of it's price when you eventually sell it. Try to afford at least a 'solid top' guitar and for around $300 there should be a few. I can't recommend any because I live in Australia where models and prices are different to the US.
I'll recommend the Alvarez rd20s from the "under 300 thread". I have one and love it.
ya thanks guys. i'll try out Alvarez rd20. i play a bit of piano and trumpet so i def do not want to get just a cheap guitar since it might lead to more than just a hobby.
Taking your friend to the shop is a good idea. But can't you push him into lending out one of his guitars for a few weeks and then take your friend and your wallet to the shop? The little bit of experience will then enable you to make a far better judgement, especially on those things important on a student guitar, which are easy handling and playability. Your friend may be able to judge the tone and overall quality of the guitars in the shop, while we in this forum can suggest all kinds of makes and marques, but whether or not a guitar suits your fingers can only be found out by you playing it. A few weeks of playing experience would really be a great help.

(Oh, and about us suggesting you all of our own favourite guitars; don't pay attention to it. Every guitar is different when it comes to tone and feel, but (almost) all guitars are pretty much equal when it comes to price/quality ratio, especially in the price range you mentioned. Get the one you like most and you'll be fine)
hmm then maybe i should just get a guitar with my original budget and get better one when im more experienced?
Go with your friend to guitar center, try out that Alvarez RD20 and see how that goes, and also try the Seagull S6 (which would be like $400 I imagine). If your friend tells you it's a much better guitar that you should save up for (but you want to play straight away, herein lies the problem making a decision), ask him if he'd be willing to lend you a guitar in the meantime. That is my only idea to help ya (this of course goes for any other guitar in your price range vs other guitar that you'd have to save up a few more weeks for).
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I second the lending of the guitar idea. i bought a crappy 180 dollar guitar and i was fine with it. then it kinda needed a neck reset god knows why and then after that i borrowed my friends fender while it was in the shop which was also fine. when i went home for winter break since i'm in college i left my guitar home then i borrowed my friends yamaha guitar which was also just fine.

between the three guitars i could not tell the difference in the tone, but that was when i was inexperienced.

now i have an awesome guitar

so go borrow your friends guitar if you can.
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hmm idk if he will lend him his. im not that close to him lol. i got a question. what kind of guitar is Ulli Bögershausen using?
Why does it matter? Never ever buy a guitar because someone famous uses it. Some artists use some damn crappy brands.

Anyway, save up for a better one. it'll last you longer.
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i just wanna know what kind it is. steel or nylon string and other stuff....
it's a folk guitar.
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Steel stringed Lakewoods most of the time. Most photographs show him playing a German made Lakewood Natural CP model. Here is their site: http://www.lakewood.de/
You can't go wrong buying one of these baby's. They are not at all cheap though. About €2500,- if you want one like mr. Bögerhausen has. For that you're absolutely garanteed to get a guitar that will never, ever disappoint you.
buy something shitty at a pawn shop and spend the remainder of your budget at a good acoustic shop getting it setup
just in case anyone wonders. I got the yamaha fg700s at guitar center. Hopefully when i get better at it i'll get better one. i think fg700s sounds pretty good. LOL much better than the fender pack the sales dude was tryin to sell. I told him i didnt want the fender pack and he recommanded the fg700s.
Excellent choice! When it comes to getting the best possible sound for the least amount of money, your Yam' reigns supreme no doubt. It certainly offers a very good way to start enjoy playing right now (with emphasis on ENJOY) while also keeping the money in your pocket you'll eventually need to get a...well, eh...Lakewood Natural CP perhaps?
Cheers man.
yamaha is probably the best maker of beginner guitars.
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A used Epiphone Masterbilt mahogany guitar can be had for $300 on ebay if you are patient. Solid wood, scalloped bracings, dovetail neck joints - hard to beat at that price.