Okay, so, I ordered a Kustom Coupe 36 from musiciansfriend. Normally I would not have, but I dont' exactly live in the greatest location for trying out amps.

Anyways, my worry is, it won't be loud enough for my desired application. I would be using it for performing with a full band, with another guitarist, a drummer, and a bassist/singer. Would it be wiser of me to get the 72 instead?
36 all tube watts, you'll be fine, just crank that mother up...
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36 Watts, it is.

If it's all tube (which it is), you will probably have some power to spare, unless your drummer uses lead pipes for sticks and is an Olympic body builder.
That was my thinking, but a few reviews (including the one here) had me a little nervous.

Whatever the case, musiciansfriend has a pretty liberal return policy, I suppose that if it isn't up to snub I can always return it.
it'll be plenty loud enough at 36 watts tube. I've got a 30 watt tube palomino that works fine in a full band situation
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36 watts will be enough for most things you have now.

I have a 40 watt tube amp and if I turn it half way up the house starts shaking and everything near starts rattling. I can be hear myself in a band easily.