Ok, I had my suspicions and I have just confirmed it today. In my computer programming class, there is, a true dedicated /b/tard. I am not kidding, he is really into it and stuff like that.

I have no problem with these kids on the internet, but meeting on in real life. Something has to be done. /b/ is like an disease, and I need to think of a way to get rid of this kid before the infection spreads.

Since pitmonkeys are the logical opposite of /b/tards, I ask you. What do I have to do to rid my class (and possibly whole school) of this nuisance before its to late.

All help is appreciated. Thank you.
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Your school hasn't blocked /b/ ?

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I agree with amasterjaydude, even google doesn't know what the **** your talking about so explain or get a new thread.
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Since pitmonkeys are the logical opposite of /b/tards, I ask you.

half the twats on here go on UG. the pit is becoming stupidly like 4chan and 4chan just thinks its pathetic for doing so. End of
The hell are you talking about?

The Pit is a sad, sad /b/ wannabe.

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kill him...

seriously idk just uhhhh.....

*grabs book of destruction and leaves thread*
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