So ive just spent the last 30 minute's or so setting up my guitar ive got the inotation of the string's down to about 1-2 mm at fret's 1 -5 and from there it kind of goes up a little to about 4/5 mm at the 22nd fret with no fret buzz, this thing play's amazing now!

anyway i noticed that the neck is actaully curved the it, it is curving up towards the headstock, like a bow shape. could this cause problems i.e. signs of the neck is going to snap. if it is no problem then i dont mind since it's allowing me to have my strings really low and it doesnt seem to affect my playing at all.

Also im planning on buying some new string's (Daddario EXL130 - Extra Super Light 8-38) would these be strong enough to withstand bend's on all the string's and possibly some hard strumming? =/
That's a problem.
Adjust your truss rod.
Look up on Google about truss rod adjustments, and some video instructionals.
You'll wanna fix that up pretty soon...

If you don't feel comfortable playing with it yourself, take it down to a guitar shop, and they'll re-do it all for you.

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