dear pit i am 14 and i would like to grow my hair back out but my mom thinks it should be short. told her i can choose my own hair but she it threting comp privliges

i will show her this thread.

what do you guys think?
tell her if she doesnt let u grow ur hair out then u will shave her head while shes sleeping
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You'll show her this thread??

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I think it's fine. It's your hair, you should be able to choose what you want to do with it. My parents didn't like the idea of me having long hair but now theyve accepted that.
Tell your mom to stop being stupid, it's your choice.
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She it threting comp privliges!? Oh no!

By all means, the best use of the internet is to win menial fights with your mom.

Oh, and since you plan on showing her this thread:


Have fun now, m'boy.
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rape her.
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Tell your mom that you like long hair and list off reasons why you like it, say you'll keep it clean ETC. Tell her how you look shouldn't change your privileges. Say that you really love long hair and list off reasons why you don't like short hair. Be respectful even if you don't respect her.
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wtf r u say make no sensical

She just doesnt want you to look like a tramp, tell her you'll wash it everyday.


can we have nudes of your mum?
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You'll show her this thread??


dear mother of masterexploder


he is obviously an INSANE CRAZY PERSON
two and a half men.
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i will show her this thread.

Oh dear...

Don't let your son grow his hair; it looks silly and gets in the way and more to the point you'll get really pissed off with it trailing in any food that comes with a sauce.
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Tell Ur Mom To Quit Bein A F***** Bitch!!!!!
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Give yourself a stupid haircut.

JUST to prove to that bitch who's hair it is.
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Dear mom lady,
Please let your son have long nice hair. He would look more attractive and cool.
He would also increase his chances to get laid. But seriously, let him grow his hair, he's old enough to decide by himself.