I am the lead singer for my band and as a lead singerI write the lyrics to our songs and our lead guitarist and me come up with the music. However my drummer told me he has written a song that we should do and he gave me the lyrics and I didn't like them they were all about war and death and the end of the world the totally opposite of how I was our band being. The music he also wanted was more like heavy metal sounding when we are like a pop rock band. I told him I don't like the songs and he said ok but he still instists on doing those songs and having him write more like them....

what should I do?
accept his style or kick him out.
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but yeah its fine
Just because its not what you normally do doesn't mean you shouldn't take a shot at it and see how it goes. You guys may end up liking it, if not well at least you actually tried his idea.
basically don't be a jack ass and just throw it out, try it out put the same effort into as you do with the other songs, and then see how you all like it. As long as you make his input feel welcomed, he'll probably be open to some kind of compromise. I find the best way to get people on your side is to steer them to yours gently. He gives you an idea for the song, you go with it and then start tweaking it. Your middle ground product might be something YOU could have never thought up....
well if you want him to play what you write you gotta play what he writes, so long as it doesnt suck
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well if you want him to play what you write you gotta play what he writes, so long as it doesnt suck

well two things

1. it does suck

2 whenever I pick a song to cover he doesn't want to do it or maybe someone else won't want to do it... we can never agree on a song yet these are my only musical talent friends That I know that play good enough to be in a band
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well two things

1. it does suck

Well post them here, you may think it sucks but everyone that sees it may think it's the best song ever. EVAR.

2 whenever I pick a song to cover he doesn't want to do it or maybe someone else won't want to do it... we can never agree on a song yet these are my only musical talent friends That I know that play good enough to be in a band

I don't see this working out anytime soon. Bands should contain musicians that agree to what kind of music they play. If one likes smooth jazz, 2 like metal, one likes blues, and the last member likes grindcore, I see that band not working out. Although if the band is more like 4 members like metal, and one likes smooth jazz, that would work out better. If your band turns out like either one of the examples, play some Between the Buried and Me, they do everything so its all good.

k, koo?
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Heh, reminds me of the old joke. What was the last thing the drummer said before leaving a band? 'Let's try one of my songs!'

Ok, all fun aside, the best way to sort this kind of problem out is to take a vote on it.
Before a band start writing material together, or even before you start rehearsing together, it's a good idea to all agree that if anything should ever be causing an argument among the band, then a vote will take place and everyone agrees to abide by the results of the vote, for the good of the band.

Also, you don't necessarily have to keep the drummer's song as it is, as long as he's ok with doing this, you could take his song as a starting point and re-structure it to better suit the band.

Y'know, I really don't understand this, 'I'm the singer so I write the words' thing that we see so much of on these threads. Having a good singing voice doesn't necessarily mean you're the best in the band at writing lyrics. Although obviously I don't know your band personaly so I can't possibly tell who would be the best for this role in your band, but it can quite often be a good idea to have different members writing parts for instruments they don't normaly play, it adds variety, which make your gigs more interesting from the audience's point of view.

You say his song sucks, but is that the truth or is it simply your opinion? It's hard to tell in this situation because something that sounds great to one person can be hated by someone else. Personaly I love Motorhead, but I know plenty of people who think they suck, simply because they have a different taste in music.

I think the most important thing you've mentioned is that these people, including your drummer, are the only musicians you know.
Maybe you should stop rocking the boat and allow him to throw a couple of songs into the set because if you fall out, you're gonna struggle to replace him, and after all, his opinion is just as viable as yours.

So does that mean you're gonna be stuck with his sucky song? No of course not. As a band progresses, it gets to the point where the set cannot possibly be any longer. Songs are constantly dropped to make room for other songs that are constantly being written. The set should consist of the very best that the band is capable of, so as you all get better at writing material (and you will) it will change dramaticaly. A year from now, you may not have any of the songs you are currently doing still in the set.
But that notion of you all improving as song writers as you gain experience will only happen if people are allowed to actualy have a go at songwriting.
He's learning, the same as you. You may not think that he's up to your standard yet, but he never will be unless you give him a little space to experiment in.
And let's face it, it's gotta be an advantage having more than one band member who's capable of writing great music.

Finaly, it's worth mentioning that your main role in the band as a singer is to take whatever lyrics you are working with, regardless of who writes them and make them sound great.
This is music, not poetry. Although great lyrics are usualy preferable, they don't have to be great. Look at singing like any other instrument, the bass for instance, sometimes a complex bass line is required but sometimes the best thing for a particular song could be a repetative chugging single note.
Look at The Beatles, biggest band that ever was, they wrote 'She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah.'
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Inevitably it's going to boil down to 2 options:

1) One of you has to try and change your style.
2) One of you has to leave the band.

That's the way it works in any team environment. If you aren't prepared to change or adapt, that conflict of intrerest will eventually turn everything sour for everyone.