Still deciding whether to keep going with it or not. I feel like I could easily pump out another verse or two, but I don't want to just repeat myself with different words

Your eyes they remind me
of the feelings you're hiding
Lost in this sadness, I can't be happy
As this prison locks after it grabs me

My heart was yours for the taking
You never knew how sad you made me
And I'm done with you, this is the end
No longer here, our love is spent
how about 1 word for that song....sappy
love dont exist dude all it does is hurt ppl but pretty good lyrics anyways..
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You are my favorite August 08er, sir!

One day, when the time has come,
The truth will shine, we'll never run.
We both know just how feel,
I'm praying to god that this is real.
dont put it to acoustic, it'll sound really emo, unless thats what youre going for.

otherwise seems fine.