So, I was thinking about buying a nice distortion pedal soon..
But I play on a Line 6 Spider III amp.. and I've heard some people say things about some pedals and solid state amps just not working too well..

Can anybody.. help me clairify this?
I play an overdrive through the clean channel on my solid state practice amp,and it gives me minimal problems.If thats what you plan to do,then go for it.I get lots of feedback playing it through the lead channel though.

Really,if I were you;Id save for a better amp.
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i own a spider III amp also and i think u have the money for it go for it but otherwise the effects r built in as it is
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I generally play metal overall..
But I like a wide range of music.

I was looking at maybe a BOSS or the Metal Muff.

I don't really have a big budget, and getting a new amp is kinda out of the question for me at this point.
Im suprised no one has flamed NO SPIDER yet
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Money doesn't fuel good music. Passion does.

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Im suprised no one has flamed NO SPIDER yet

Yea, I was actually waiting for somebody to say something dumb like that..

I've only been playing for like a year and a half.. So it gets me by.
The only thing I don't really like about it right now is how the distortion all has the same sound to it for the most part.
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I would actually advise getting a new amp before pedals, theres some great tube amps for under 500 (used & unused), and you do NOT need a 73489365439756748678 watt amp, I know people who gig with cranked 20 watts
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Money doesn't fuel good music. Passion does.

if you have the money for a new amp and you dont do any big gigs, get a 15 or 30w tube combo, but either way if you just want the pedal im sure it would sound alright, its not gonna sound how it would on a nice amp but it will sound different than the crappy spider modeling distortion that I too hate.
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