Its All Real, Beautiful
I Dont Want Anyone But You
If They Could Feel, Just Like We Do
- - - - - - - - - -

Everyday that I spend alone, Brings total sadness
My heart beats a thousand lives, Just to be there with you
Im Two lungs out of breath, Do you understand what I mean?


If there was one wish I could have, It would be to hear you everyday
I am more than willing to, Hold You up and take your pain away
I step towards you, Do you understand how I feel?


What if we fell to the floor? Or lost everything we've had before?
Break me down, just so I can catch you


I'll carry you until the end.

Eh. Not My best but not my worst either.....What do you think?
i dunno about the two lungs out of breath bit, just seems a bit werid however..it got me thinking about being one lung out of breath or switching each lung, so kudos for thought provokation

i dunno about the second verse too, doesnt seems to meld that well so i think you should take a look at that. Nevertheless they say you're supposed to end on a good note when criticising and i'll say i like the bridge with the theme of moving downwards.