This time, it's hopefully a bit more interesting...

I've got an Ibanez S series - so mahogany body, double locking trem... The stock pickups (Ibanez INF1+2) are OK - but not what I'm ideally looking for.

I play mainly blues/classic rock - nothing too heavy - with the occasional bit of country and jazz here and there. So obviously I'm after a pair of humbuckers that have good, warm cleans, and sound good with a bit of valve o/d.

Here's the fun part - because it's a double-locking trem, they need to be F-spaced. At the moment I'm borrowing a variety of valve amps from all and sundry - things like a 70's Marshall JMP 50W 2x12, Fender Twin, Ibanez Thermion - and i'm soon to get myself a Marshall DSL 50 with 2x12. Any help greatly appreciated!

*Oh - almost forgot, money is of almost no object -
If money is no object message the guy at Bare Knuckle Pickups and he will reccommend you a set of BKPs to meet your needs.

and btw this is the wrong section.

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