ok so I use ernie ball regular slinky strings while in standard e tuning with my strat, but recently I've gone down a whole step to d standard and as a result I'm getting more buzz on the low D and a bit on the G. Just wondering if heavier gauge strings, like power slinkys would help reduce buzz without messing with the action to much.


Oh and just a thought, how much would it cost to get my guitar re fretted and have a new nut put in and then have it set up?(not saying I'm gonna do this because I'm getting a little buzz, I'd just like to know for future reference.)
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power slinkys are great for lower tunings.
i have some on my epi lp custom and they go all the way to c until they get any buzz.
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you shouldn't have a problem with other strings with just Drop D. If you increase string gauge, ALL the strings will have greater tension and you might face even more buzzing.

That 2nd option is ridiculous. You'd be better all buying a whole new Fender.
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