I have been playing for a while now and i think its time to upgrade basses. I was thinking either an Ibanez BTB or a Traben pheonix and im a bit stuck on what would be better. Any opinions on what to go for?
Try out both before buying. I've heard bad things about both. Look into the Ibanez SRX models if you're looking for humbuckers (which those two basses have)
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those are nice. also see MIM Fenders. nice basses.
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the traben has good sound but it's quite heavy also the neck is a bit wider than the ibanez I've played it but found it a little awkward because I have small hands although I would give it my own thumbs up

I havent tried that model Ibanez but in general I find them to be light and smooth to play

just like Cliff said it's dow to your prefference at the end of the day
go out t a shop give both of them a run for their money
it may turn out that neither suits you
the ibanez btb are good basses I own one the btb 200 and even though is the most basic model of all btb models I can get a great sound

bout the Traben I tried the Array model and its a nice bass like skullreken they are quite heavy

also you should check the schecters and the spectors
Ibanez, in my opinion, are the best starter basses.

The BTB is a good bass, but I agree with Cliff, get you some of that SRX. Mmm, tasty.
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