I have 2 recordings to post here for everyone to listen to/comment on.

First up is my bands first ever 100% self produced effort. This is a rough to get used ot the process. Was recorded in the guitarists bedroom, drums at our rehearsal space. All in all about 8 hurs work including ixing etc etc.


The second 'song' im going to post is just me messing around basically. I sat dwn and jammed out some riffs/ideas and then threw them into a basic structure - any comments on its structure or compesition would be appreciated.


Im looking for opions/advice on the production and the style of these tracks and just generally any comments people might have! Cheers!
try using drums to build up instead of just starting of the beat, if you dont kno what im talking about listen to domnation by symphony x
The first song is fantastic; great quality recording, very impressed with the production, and the song itself is technical and all-over-the-place but still very catchy. The opening riff in particular is really interesting and creative as well. Overall, really great stuff.

The second song is much more of a rough draft, but I can totally picture it being handled by the full band and being a great song like the first one.

So I'm very impressed, and it's hard to please me with non-melodic metal. Good job.
The first song is deadly, very well recorded and played. Catchy riffs while maintaining the brutal feel to the song is what it's all about and you couldn't have done it better. The solo was awesome and along with all the riffs. The second song is also awesome, if you spent the time you did on the first one it could have a lot of potential.. I like you're work man, keep it up!

if you wanted you could check out the 2 songs my band recorded last week, some feedback would be awesome.. the recording quality is sketchy though.. just used 1 condensor mic haha.
You could fool people into thinking you're Lamb of God. You guys are that good.
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Unfortunately due to my shitty internet connection i could only listen to it in Lo-Fi. Despite that - I must say i thoroughly enjoyed the song. Definite LoG influences. Drumming was awesome - riffs were powerful, and the vocals really fit the song - very good job on vocals. Killer solo too. A lot of the times a solo is just put in for the sake of a solo being in the song. Not in this case - it really brought the song up.

Overall, good job man.
When I hear "100% self produced" I usually cringe, grit my teeth and hit play expecting my ears to be completely and utterly raped.

But you guys did a might fine job!
Great songwriting, great playing (considering you're not playing to a click,) and fairly good production.
Bit too much high mids on the guitar side of things. Makes them very scratchy sounding. Low pass tones at 10k and high pass at 40hz (so that the roll off begins around 100hz) and that'll make your tones sound sizzly rather than fizzy, and pretty ****ing huge. Just shape the midrange from there.

Less room mic on the drum side of things probably. The snare sounds way too roomy for this style.
The kick and toms are fine, nice and in your face, but the snare's a bit too far back in the mix and it's the room reverb doing it.

Vocals are fine, no complaints there. Nice and clear, well recorded, well balanced frequency wise and the levels are solid. Proper job!

9/10 from me.

btw crit me?
listened to the first track. all the riffage was pretty cool, and the structure kept me interested, very solid playing too. solo was good, fit the feel of the song. wouldnt mind seeing this performed live
your vocalist in places reminds me a bit of randy from log, which is a good thing :P
Not a fan of the vocals(call me a death metal purist) but Lamb of God really killed that shit for me, now everyone and their grandma sounds like that. But the music is good.

Your drum machine(in the second song) stinks :P C'mon I know it's not going into the final recording but it can still be better lol. My Alesis sr-16 kills that shit Good riff's though.
This stuff is sick man. Nice and heavy and you guys have an awesome singer man. Great stuff.
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