1.) No porn.

2.) Try to actually post a videos when you make a post. I won't necessarily report you or anything, but it's very frustrating when there's almost a full page of talking where no one is posting anything of relevance to the thread. If you post in reply to someone else's video, you don't have to post a videos, but otherwise, please try to at least get one video up when you post.

3. Post videos, gifs, or any sort of video base video.



this is going to fail.
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When having sex i realise my penis is of small nature.

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I got a similar thing from playing too much Pokemon.

Magikarpal tunnel.
Quote by slipmaggot93
this is going to fail.

Why is there alway assholes like you trying to ruin threads?

BTW, you don't contribute anything to a thread that is considered spam. It is simple thing to do. All you have to do is just post a video of a girl you think is hot but knowing UGers in a minute is it just going to be spam.

You spam, I report.
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