does anyone know where to find the world history AP persian charts?? i need.
Nononono. World History AP Class. 10th grade?? there are these charts where we need to get like Political Economic Religion Social Intellect Arts, Near(Geography). on like civilizations. Ive found one on the web and i NEED to know if there are others.

EDIT: Friend found it. insanity.....
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I don't get you guys and your AP World. Around here we just have Honors World History and then if you take that as a freshman you can take AP Euro or AP Art History as a sophomore. AP World seems pointless when you should just be taking AP Euro if you're at a really high level in history.
eh dont ask me. if it were up to me id be in regular. you see.... im asian. thusly my parents are asian leaving me in a world of educational hurt.