That's from the Good Love by Mayer tab, and at the --000-, the tab says the ^ means "pick scrape quickly", what's that and how to do it??

Right, but what is the action? ie., How to hold the pick while doing this? I've never heard of this technique before so I'm really lost lol, thanks for the quick response!
Sorry dude, I see techniques like raking, strumming muted notes, etc. and get confused. I'm no Lil Wayne but I'm still pretty new at this. From your description it sounds like just playing the guitar, regular strumming. I don't see where the "scrape" is. Have mercy
go along the strings th elong way with your picks side
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Instead of starting a new thread thought i would revive this one for a moment, hope no one minds.

I understand how the pick scrape works but what i was wanting know is when you are doing the scrape are you actually pushing down on the strings as you would with a regular list so the string are touching the frets, or are the just being scraped without adding the pressure to the frets?
You do not add pressure to the frets. Turn your picking hand forward to where it's like you are picking with the side of the pick. Then, scrape it down the neck. Don't put too much pressure, or you will scrape grooves into your pick and it affects the handling of it.
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Hold the pick at a right angle to the strings and use the flat side of it to scrape the strings, it should change pitch as you go up the strings. There's probably helpful videos on youtube if you searched.
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Thank you very much for the assistance. I didn't think you would add pressure but thought i would ask to be safe lol.
You need a tiny bit of pressure, or else it will sound dead..

And scrape the long side of your pick above your pickups moving towards the neck
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