So I've decided that I want to build my own acoustic guitar. I was wondering if you guys could refer me to some sites with some good tutorials or maybe some good books. I need something with some basic instructions to get me started and I need to know some of the basic tools and materials I'll need.
projectguitar.com is very good.

It might be a good idea to get a kit to put together for a first shot, and then build your dream guitar. stewmac.com has good kits I've heard

That said I think you need some sort of heated pipe to bend your moist wood, and a lot of clamps and moulds to keep it in the shape you want. Glue is a good thing too I hear.

I build electric, so I'm not much help specificaly, but you should proably start with project guitar. And first and foremost, plan the entire thing out before hand. Trust me. I've build quite a few guitars and it allways works out best to plan it all out. Full scale, get a big piece of paper and draw it all out and decide what parts you want.
Look at stewmac kits they should help you alot it comes with plans and a video if I made acoustics that's what I would start with.