looking into a new electic guitar to replace my pos johnson delta rose and i really like the hollow body sound and ability to play with out an amp at times

so i noticed the PRS SE custom semi-hollow on guitar center's site and just want to get any feed back anyone has on it and whats the main differences between the soapbar and humbucker pickups between the two

or if you could reccomend any other guitar that i might like im looking for something like
$400-$600 might go up to $1000 though
i like ska, punk, metal, calssic rock, some modern stuff, grunge, really a wide range
i have some what small hands not a huge deal but anything that doesnt have a huge neck
and no telecasters

Soapbar pickups are single-coil pickups, but they have more bite than what you'd expect from the singles on guitars like Fenders. When I was at GC choosing my guitar, I went through a whole bunch, including this one. I needed a guitar that did both cleans and raging overdrive well. The guitar that fit my bill was the Epiphone Dot. My suggestion is to try out some Epiphones and some Schecters, maybe even used Gibsons.
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By high-gain I don't mean stupid stuff. I just mean styles like Motley Crue or Iron Maiden
another though has come up to take a guitar like this


then strip it custom paint and maybe throw in some new humbuckers

what do you guys think of that epi LP i felt it at the store i work at it feel pretty ncie for its price i just dont know anything about good humbuckers so suggestions on that would be appericated too, or any other suggestions