Basically a band needs artwork for their main site, the site domain is already set up and paid for.
won't be able to offer you money but will be able to credit you on the contact us content page.

We have the site structure finished.
what we need is a layout, in jpg format that is 800 by 600 pixels, in the bottom centre of which will be a content frame.
Need navigation buttons art, maybe 50by100.
We also have a small logo that we quite like that you can impliment.

anyway, give me a pm and we'll have a better chat on msn or something.

sorry again that I can't pay in cash but you will be credited on the site as the artwork designer with links to your email or website.


Edit: sorry I didn't explain enough. The band is a death metal band based in London, UK.
We are not into satan shit or graves or something like that. otherwise what you do it upto you, if it looks good we'll use it.
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Quote by Gmurcielago14
not all of my stuff, depends on what you want me to do.

Some of that is pretty good, especially the first one. it's not very website friendly tho but I like it.
looking for a dark theme.
yea its mostly cause of the white background, I haven't really tried making dark and gloomy, mostly cause its a pain in the ass to get everything darkish colored.