in mathematical terms, that means the power of...
like 5^2 would be 5 to the power of 2.
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If it's in a tab it may be a way of expressing a cap.

If it is, the note is emphisized(sp?) more, cut short and pronounced daht.
Its like a strong accent

EDIT: Definatly not a cap.
Maybe whammy bar? Don't really know listen to the song and you may figure out.
looks like they might be using it as hammer-ons and pull-offs in that tab although its an unusual way to show it
hammer-on or pull off. for that song in particular, maybe. look at one of john's videos and see what he does at that point, and maybe you could tell
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I don't know the song, but it's also possible that it represents a slide... you can probably tell by listening whether it's a hammer on/pull off or a slide.
It means the note is heavily accented!!! i.e. made louder or emphasised above the other notes. '>' means the note is just accented but not as much.
Basically jst hit the string harder for tht note.

Should try to learn basic theory things like tht, will help a lot.
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