Hey guys,

Looking to pick up a guitar to keep in a separate tuning then my main axe (Schecter C1 Plus).

Looking to spend in the 400$ range, and I came across the Jay Turser Les Paul Serpant Guitar, looks pretty awesome to me. My friend had a older JT. and it played excellent, im checking in to make sure that wasn't just my inexperience telling me it was a good guitar.

(The Guitar, http://www.jayturser.com/jt-200serpent.php )

Any other suggestions are more then welcome. I'm looking for a guitar to keep in Standard or Drop-D, since my Schecter stays in Drop C or B. Im afraid i'll do neck damage if I would tune my thick strings up to standard.

I have small fingers, so a 24-3/4" neck is what i really want, i've always found Les Paul's very playable.

I'd eventually change out the pickups on whatever i get to EMG actives anyway, so im not to worried about that aspect of the guitar.
Jay Tursers are meh guitars. For $400 you can get something much better. Try an Epiphone LP Studio or G-400.
I have a JT Slimmer, and it is a pretty damn good value for $200. Stock pickups are better than most other stock pickups and it plays real nice. The action is pretty low with no buzzing, and Ive never ****ed with it at all in the year Ive had it. I would recommend this guitar definitely, but I have no experience with other Jay Tursers.

This is it here, but Red

Well I got one for dirt cheap, were talking 90 bucks for one of the Les Paul with the exposed Humbuckers. I need to rewire everything, but all the parts are functioning, and I plan on putting my Duncan Designs out of the Schecter C1 and into the Jay Turser (when i upgrade the Schecter pups).

It is a really good feeling light les paul. Very fun to play.