Hello, just found this site..hopefully it will be a great resource for me!

I have a XXL head..have had for a few years..but never got my ideal sound out of it. Now, I am having volume issues, and it can't seem to get loud enough with my full band unless I crank it extremely up, and turn the highs/mids way up as well..

I've read alot of reviews, and there are tons of people that love it...so maybe I'm just not hitting the write settings.

So, if someone could please post the settings they use...and I could try them out, I'd greatly appreciate it. And fyi, I play a basic modern hard rock sound...so not metal, not classic or pop rock
Try using more mids and highs. You may have them turned down now, but when they're turned up a bit more, your amp cuts through the mix much better. Try these settings:
Bass: Around 5-7
Mids: A little higher than bass
Treble: Try 4 or 5 but if you don't like mids turn it up and scoop the mids, you'll get a nice smooth lead tone from this.
Oh, forgot to ask, you do have it set to run at 100w, right? If not, that's your problem right there.
Yeah, I do have it on 100W.
I have the mids and highs pretty high right now..that's the only way. Just when I do that..it's not my ideal tone.

Thanks for the responses so far..keep em comin!
Yea I wasn't really thinking of the fact you wanted a modern hard rock tone when you said that. You could always try turning them up on the amp and either turning down your tone control on your guitar or using an eq pedal. It might just be time for a new amp though.
i always found the loose damping setting noticeably louder.
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