But do i need to do adjustments to my truss rod ect even if im just gunna keep my guitar in drop c? Or will it still throw everything off. I have an esp ltd ex-400 BD ....THanks for ur help
Depends, what Gauge do you have on now, and what are you planning on switching to? and do you presently keep your guitar in standard tuning
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im using 9s i think and i usually keep it in drop c or so... been dropped for awhile now
I don't know too much abouthow keeping your guitar tuned to drop C affects the truss rod, so i'm gonna say... go to your guitar shop, tell them the gauge of strings you want to change to, tell them your going to drop C, and tell them to set it up for you... then tell them to tell you what they did.
then tell me
LMAO. 9s in drop C. LAWL.
IDK how they're working NOW. I'd suggest dropping to about 11s or 12s. Which means yes, you may have to make adjustments. Or get the music store to do it.
Although it may SOUND cheaper to do it yourself, it's more expensive to buy a new guitar if you stuff it up.
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haha i know, 9s dropped sounds funny, but its actually not to bad, not too too flappy i also like how i can bend notes real easy and shit it sounds good, but i kinda want thicker strings for better sound and overall better harmonics and shit, thanks for ur guys help much appreciated