Yes, made by Frank at the Custom Music Centre here in Torrensville, Adelaide. Loosely based on some Marshall models, a few were based on Mesa's a lot were custom made to order. Mark of Cain used them as did The Barflys sometimes. Reasonably good quality amps and Frank's been making them for a long time. He has a stack of used Marshalls in the shop that were used as trade ins for his Woogies so that can't be a bad thing.
so does anyone have a good idea what they sound like cuase id love a splawn nitro type sound but thats hard in australia
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Yeah I saw that exact same amp but it was in the shop (Custom Music) and mr. woogie man said it was owned by some guitarist in some band who practises at the shop (mr. woogie man must also have rehearsal rooms for hire or something)...

I am currently considering ordering a Woogie 100 watt valve head (around $1500) because he let me hire one for a weekend when I had no amp and we did a gig... it was really great and gave a wicked sound! But I'm still not sure... I was also considering going all-out and getting a Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 stack, but they're ridiculously pricey (RRP well over $3000)...

So... basically the clean on them isn't the greatest, as it gets very gainy very quickly as you turn it up (I had the clean master on full and the clean gain up to the appropriate level and it was still a bit too gainy! gets too distorty around about gain level 3 or 4 when master is up full).... the distortion however is amazing! I play funk music predominantly (old-school RHCP type mixed with Parliament etc) so I need a good clean with lotsa bass and cleanliness, but with a badass distortion. So even I don't really know if this is the amp for me.

The DSL100 does a good job of cleans from what I remembered from briefly trying one out aaages ago... but only if you got lots of money to spend would I recommend Marshall... cause their cheaper stuff (MG series etc) is usually, well, ****.

That's my 2 (or 50) cents...

EDIT: angusslashdime... why on earth would you consider buying a Woogie (or any other amp in the world) when you own a Marshall Silver Jubilee?? Good lord man! The things I would do for a Jub
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I picked up my Woogie combo today. Frank the Woogie man put in a spring reverb no worries and it sounds unreal. It's a bit different to the one you guys are talking about, in the sense that it has a clean channel with heaps of headroom and a treble boost, instead of two gain channels. But it's a beautiful thing. I've been playing it all afternoon!
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does anyone know any thing about these amps


Don't know a lot about em - but I've only heard good things
Apparently really good
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