Hi everyone, not sure if this thread fits in this board but I don't know where else I should post it.

A little background first:

I just finished highschool/ There were some complications but in the end I was able to graduate. I always told myself and others that I wouldn't go to college but that I'd immediatly get a job because I don't think I can handle college and music is the only thing that interests me.

2 weeks ago I started going to music classes every wednesday evening. I hardly know any music theory and I was always interested in learning it so I finally started taking these classes.

But yesterday I found a website of a private school here in Belgium where you can study jazz. You have to take a test where they test your musical and theoretical abilities before you can start the first year but you can also start with a year where they prepare you for that test and help you study all the theory and music.

Now I'm VERY tempted and interested to do this but I'm kinda afraid to tell anyone. I'm not sure how my parents would react of if they would let me go. They've never really supported me in music.

So basically, what I'm asking is: Should I go for it or should I forget about it and just get some job? And if any of you have studied music, have you come across any difficulties?

Thanks UG
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Do it.

Better to regret something you did than something you didn't do.
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I say go for it too, but remember to be realistic about the whole thing. This is your future and if you want this you need to be entirely committed to it. Discuss things with your parents and make sure they know exactly how you feel. But as long as you’re willing to put in the effort - why not?

I'm starting theory lessons today.
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Do it.

Better to regret something you did than something you didn't do.

+1 I learned it the hard way
My mum is pretty much against me doing music. I came across this when I chose me VCE subjects.
Send your parents a link to the jazz site and ask them what they think. Or, send an application/sit the test, if you dont get in dont tell them, if you do... Tell them. I know its shit having your parents against what your doing, but haven't they pretty much been with you your whole life? They probably already know your interested in music.


forget about it until you've done some normal theory tests and got to about grade 4 or 5.. then sit the test
if you've managed to get those grades, its a bigger sign you'll manage to get into that school. Music teachers get payed a shit load (in aussie land anyway) if your folksare woried about money, they got nothing to.
If in your heart you wanna do it. Do it. You have to live your life. Im really lucky though, my mum supports my music whcih is kinda cool. But I have many other relatives who think I am a fool for pursuing music. But they havent done anything in music so they dont know shit, and at the same time I gotta live my life not them.
Get a job as well as studying music. Your mum may/will see it as "something to fall back on" if the music goes to shit, as most people who don't have a passion for playing music think along those lines. Plus it will give you some extra money for gear
I would go for it, I am in the same boat. Except I'm in college and have no clue what I want to do. Music and sports are the only thing that interest me. I want to transfer somewhere and do music but I am not completely sure I can. I suck at guitar in my eyes a lot of people say I don't but I feel as though I do. But back to the topic my Mom basically thinks if I do music I won't be able to get a job and would have went to school for no reason and my dad is just all for it. He believes if you try hard enough anything can happen which that's how I feel but I can't find anyone to practice with,. So I say tell them and try it.