Im looking to customise a squier standard strat hss:


and i think it would be pretty cool to do up

maybe some pick up changes, stuff like that

does anyone have any ideas?

also maybe some cool cosmetics mods as wells
like a new logo with fender and a new model name or custom strat or something
and a new plate where the neck bolts on with a enscrption

just something cool do to really

no point let it go to waste
as its not that bad
contrariry to popular opinion
im gettin a new neck for my precision bass and lacquering my own logo ^_^
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I have a squier standard, and the best mods I've made have been 5 strings to the trem, thicker strings, change of pickup height (all VERY minor) and a complete re-wiring to the proper fender wiring with some better pots and caps, also wiring the bridge to the second tone pot. That is the best mod I've made. It's butterscotch with a tortoiseshell pickguard so I love the look.

Also, hours and hours of playing. Took the cheap look off the fretboard/pickguard, the body looks a little more used, and the headstock yellowed a bit.
Well on a squier customisation, the best thing to do is to start off getting the absolute MUSTS:
Bridge, tuners, nut, pickups, wiring whatever (the wiring and the bridge aren't the top priority though).
After that you go for your aesthetic needs, such as paint jobs, new logos, new pickguard etc etc.

A squier (or your starter guitar) is a perfect way to get knowledgable about wiring guitars, painting guitars, logo'ing a guitar etc etc, so go all out on it and make it great!
Squire necks often times are sub-par.
If you can manage to get a genuine neck off of ebay or something, you'll be miles ahead of what the old guitar used to be.

Other good changes are new electronics (pups included), tuner replacements, bone/graphite nut etc.

Everything is replaceable except the bridge if it's a 2 point pivot. The pivot bushings are wider then the standard american 2-point pivot specs used on real fenders. Unless you want to fill the hole and re-drill the holes to fit a fender trem, don't bother.
The 6 point screw-in trems should be fine though.
Cut the headstock down. The 70's headstock looks ridiculous.
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New electronics, pickups, tuners, and neck.

Then whatever else you feel like.
I would start with some decent tuners.

You can get the Gotoh SG38 6 inlines from Warmoth for cheap: (like $25 a set and they work great)

Just be sure you get 6 left side tuners if you're buying from them. Pay attention to the explanation on the page that explains which ones you need. I've used a few sets of these and like them a lot.

If you use the Tremolo arm (whammy, whatever) a lot, then you should get some locking tuners for it. On Squiers, I always tie it down with 5 springs and keep it tight to the body. That way it will stay in tune. Just don't mess with the trem.

A new nut usually works wonders for a Squier. You can buy a pre-slotted replacement nut and find tutorials online to explain how to get it on there. It really is best to have a pro make a nut for you, but if you're running on a tight budget...

The pots and switch are most likely crap, as well as the pickups usually. Get some pickups from somebody like http://www.guitarfetish.com for cheap (and they sound good) just pick out the ones that sound like what you're looking for. Be sure to buy pots and a switch while you're on there. Decent quality electronics makes a big difference. This stuff can wait though, if you're afraid to do electronics work. Again, there's a ton of tutorials online on how to wire a Strat.
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A great mod I have done (though not really beginner because it's a pain to squeeze all the wires in there) is a mod that allows you to put your bridge or neck pickup in series with whatever else is on. I did this on an SSS Squier Strat and it sounds like a humbucker!
^^First mod on the page.
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